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Helping places thrive with purposeful planning.

What we do.

Strategic planning for destinations.

If your organization is responsible for a place — a downtown, a visitor destination or a venue — your strategic planning needs are unlike corporate entities. Your primary focus — and your lifeblood — is the people who live, visit and invest there.

But places are complex and in constant flux. PlaceHolder is a strategic planning firm with expertise in the built environment. If you anticipate a master planning effort or architectural design project to be named in your strategic plan, you should consider a Strategic Place Plan™ instead.

We help organizations develop strategic plans that are externally focused, considering the users of your destination at every turn. Our process will ultimately ensure your visitor experience is meaningful, your brand story is evident, your priorities are straight and your decisions are made with purpose.

A Strategic Place Plan™ prepares your board or stakeholders for embarking on a major design project in ways traditional strategic plans do not. It ensures you are all on the same page, effective at making decisions and know exactly what you want out of your design consultant.

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A Strategic Place Plan is the strategic plan for places.

Announcing a Reinvention of PlaceHolder

By on Jan 9, 2016

A reintroduction to PlaceHolder: strategic planning for destinations.

We are strategic planning consultants who developed a unique approach that emphasizes the visitor’s relationship with a place. Visitors are the lifeblood of any destination, so we make sure strategic plans put visitors first.